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Sauna Life: Embracing the Sauna Culture

Cooking hot dogs and veggies on the grill may not be what people think of when sauna life is discussed, but it is part of what it takes to make for an enjoyable experience when operating MI Sauna. This and many other things too. It is great to be able to go from a 210 F steamy room into 39 F water and back into the heat to recover… and then do it again, and again. But providing a great experience for the users requires that a person has to not only keep the fire going but to also make sure everything is clean and comfortable for the user…. So we also are searching out ways to keep the provider more comfortable.

For those who have come to experience the sauna they would all testify that we usually have a grill and table set up outside. Of course, if the users want to cook something up we are okay with that but the biggest reason is because we are usually at the beach for 8-10 hours and a hot meal helps to keep our energy up. Some days we get creative and cook scallops or shrimp with some broccolini but it could just be Kirkland’s Best hot dogs and whatever veggie is available, which is pretty much the norm. (Broccolini has become pretty much our favorite grilled veggie.) The food is an important part of the experience.

The Finnish Sauna Culture is the term that embraces everything about the Finnish sauna and has recently been added to the UNESCO intangible heritage list. For reference, others on that list include yoga from India and Reggae from Jamaica.

Ultimately when trying to consider what is to be included in the best sauna experience, there is a reason it took 2 years to design our first mobile sauna. During this time we learned a lot about the sauna culture/sauna life and the process of learning more is ongoing. Since it has been around for thousands of years in one form or another there is a lot of history to consider. So, although the heating and cooling phases are the basics we needed, the buildout was planned so all aspects of the process are enjoyable. As the seasons progress other changes have been occurring such as a topper for the hauling truck so it is now the mobile office space and figuring out the feasibility of having an outdoor fireplace to name a couple.

Come down and see what’s going on, you might get hooked on the life and want to help out, who knows?

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