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As I pack up for the night before Sauna Saturdays By the Bay I realized how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to help people see their smile. As a Sauna provider and as an orthodontist, I feel that God creates the smile and I just help them see it.

The difference with sauna-me is that I am helping to revive centuries/millennials old traditions and integrating them into the 21st century. I think with any tradition, each generation needs to continue to stoke the flames of passion. In the sauna sense we take that quite literally. There are many aspects to explore of the social and physical benefits of the sauna experience, one of the greatest is the togetherness it brings.

Togetherness is something that has been over looked for roughly the past 20 years. The advent of ‘smart technology’ has caused us to be more socially distant, which was obviated in the last couple of years. People need a way to reconnect with even the people closest to them as stopping in to see how someone is doing has been replaced with phone calls, emails, text message and the latest, videoconferencing. Our disconnect keeps progressing as technology advances but sauna brings people back together without the technological middle-man.

One of the highlights about connecting with people in the sauna is that it is not just about the conversation but also the shared experience. A positive memory of a moment in our life with friends, loved ones, strangers, creates a mutual bond between them. What I have noticed over the last few months is that friendships have grown stronger through the sauna experience and that the group of friends coming together has gotten bigger and bigger.

Our story exemplifies this expansion of friend groups; we started with only a couple individuals joining us and we are now at a point where we are booking out weeks in advance. Once people understand some basic components the experience basically comes natural, like it is something we were meant to do and experience with others.

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