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Rules/Guidelines to make the sauna experience more enjoyable for everyone:


  1. There is no ONE right way to take a sauna or how long one should stay in the heat.  Over time you will learn to trust your body.  Don’t push it, its meant to be relaxing

  2. DO NOT take sauna if there is any question about medical concerns or if you are under the influence of any intoxicant. Alcohol should be saved for after the sauna

  3. Drink lots of water before, during and after sauna but NEVER bring glass into the sauna

  4. Wash up before you enter the sauna, we want to keep the sauna clean.

  5. Take off all metal and plastic jewelry as it will get VERY hot and can possibly melt.

  6. Sandals are recommended

  7. Sauna hats are also recommended.

  8. It is HOT in the sauna, sit on a towel and cover your face to cool down the air you breathe if needed. Use the sitting towel to grab the railings if they are too hot.

  9. Turn off your phone and get in the heat

  10. Relax: sit/lay down on a bench towel.  

  11. Breathe

  12. Sweat

  13. Cool down… step outside and get some fresh air,  rinse off in cool water or try a cold plunge and some winter swimming… snow angels make a good picture for the adventurous. 

  14. Repeat steps 9-13 as desired.

  15. If you feel uncomfortable in the heat, step outside, cool down and drink some water

  16. If you want a higher humidity and for it to feel hotter,  pour some water with a ladle onto the rocks

    • The small black water bucket is scented water for more ambiance 

    • Otherwise use the water in the tank attached to the stove

    • The big black bucket is cold water and is for cooling yourself off


  17. When done, replenish yourself with electrolytes, eat some fruit or have something salty

  18. Tell your friends how great you feel after taking a sauna and bring them with you next time!


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